Naturparkregion Reutte – The Gate to Tyrol

The following film provides a short introduction into our region and its wonderful natural surroundings. Lean back and enjoy the excellent footage. It would be our pleasure to welcome you as our guests soon. (Video: TVB Reutte)

Neuschwanstein Castle

Seven weeks after King Ludwig’s II death in 1886 Neuschwanstein Castle opened its door to the general public. The shy king had the castle built so he could seclude himself from the public- now his refuge is a public magnet the world over.

Neuschwanstein belongs to one of the most visited palaces and castles in Europe. About 1.3 million people visit the “Fairy Tale King’s“ home. During the summertime an average 6,000 visitors pass through the rooms per day which were meant for one single king.

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Festspielhaus Füssen (Theatre)

Festspielhaus Füssen

From the world premiere on April 7th 2000, "Ludwig II. - Sehnsucht nach dem Paradies" (Searching for Paradise), to the last performance on December 31st 2003 there were 420 performances annually. In March 2005 a second world premiere for the new musical "Ludwig²" about King Ludwig’s II life took place and this show lasted until the end of 2006. Since then the Musical Theatre Füssen is showplace for various concerts and musicals. Some examples include: Max Raabe, Wolfgang Ambros, Hubert von Goisern, Manfred Mann's Earthband, AutoAuto!, Evita, CATS, and more.
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European Fortress Worlds Ehrenberg

East of Reutte the fortress ensemble with its castles arises mightily. Illuminated majestically from all sides at night it pronounces its earlier might over 2000 years of history. Kings, emperors, crusaders and tradesmen, each one had to pass through here.
The Fortress Ensemble Ehrenberg
Ehrenberg Castle sits high on its throne above the Außerfern. Every traveller and hiker is impressed by its protracted walls which served as ramparts against enemy attacks. During the Middle Ages Ehrenberg Clause was fiercely contested, because an important trade route from South to North passed through there. The massive walls let us surmise that canon shots and battle cries were often to be heard in front of Ehrenberg Castle. Many lords and nobility must have experienced these walls, but one thing has not changed, namely the impressive landscape around Ehrenberg which still continues to lure visitors in droves. Today Ehrenberg is a in- and outdoor-“world of experiences” with a historical backdrop.
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Castle Museum: On the Knight’s Trail

Burgenmuseum Ehrenberg

Experience the exciting story of Knight Heinrich and his beloved Maria who lived during the 2nd half of the 14th century ...
Have you ever laughed aloud in a museum? No? Then come visit the museum in Ehrenberg. The historic walls allow you experience the Middle Ages up close. You can experience history with all your senses – feel, touch, smell and dive into past times. There is probably no other place where children can be seen learning so much and having so much fun in a museum! This museum is for old an young alike!
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Ritterspiele (Knight’s Games) Reutte: Ehrenberg – The Journey through Time

Ehrenberg Die Zeitreise

Ehrenberg, a place where there is always something new to discover; a place where dreams become reality.
From July 29rd-31th, 2011 it is once again time - Europe's largest historical event of its kind "Ehrenberg - Die Zeitreise" - Roman & Knight’s Games – invites thousands of visitors to Reutte in Tyrol!
Come experience knights’ jousting tournaments, gladiator games, a huge historical market, the battle of Ehrenberg, fireworks and a lot more. It is a family event not to be missed!
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Local Museum: Grünes Haus (The Green House)

Museum Grünes Haus Reutte

The "Grüne Haus" in the centre of Reutte belongs to the grandest buildings in town. It was erected in the 16th c. presumably by a well-to-do citizen of Reutte as his residence. The beautiful wall paintings inside the house are also from this time. The painter from Reutte, Johann Jakob Zeiller, created the facade of the building in 1779. The house was named after its vibrant green colour.
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Wonderful Lakes for Swimming in our Region

The Lake Plansee is connected to the Lake Heiterwang, originally 68 meters higher, by a 300 m long canal built in1908. It gets its water from there as well as from other tributaries. In the northwest the lake has a runoff through the so-called Little Lake Plansee and into the Archbach Stream to the Lech River. Lake Plansee has two basins, one 78 and the other 72 m deep, and a total surface area 2,87 km² and is the largest lake in the Außerfern District. The highest-situated commercial boating line in Austria is on Lake Plansee and Lake Heiterwang which runs its tourist boat trips from the end of May until the late Fall.
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Ski & Hiking Region: The Hahnenkamm

Hahnenkamm Mountain is 1938 m high. There lies the largest ski area with the Reutte cable car in the Reutte valley. In the summer it is a hiking area for guests and also used as livestock grazing lands. There is a beautiful panorama over the valley and also a view of the paragliding starting jump. The Hahnenkamm offers uncountable hiking trails above the tree line in its surrounding mountains. Hikers who wish to save their some energy simply take the cable car up to the summit and go from there.
Whether you want to climb to a peak or take a tour from hut to hut – the fantastic view and extraordinary natural beauty will leave you breathless.
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Skiing & Hiking in the Tannheim Valley – Ski lifts in Grän

The spectacularly beautiful Tannheim Valley is only a short car drive away from us. So you quickly can reach yet another terrific ski and hiking area and the lifts in Grän up to the Füssener Jöchle. Enjoy your excursion into nature in one of the most pristine places on earth ...
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